Fully immerse yourself in nature
We are in unique beauty of Tatlisu Village in Kapidag Peninsula and next to private beach only steps away from your room. Our hotel has a stunning private beach view and fresh air for you to relax your mind with the mountain breeze. We are serving you to feel like home with the warm hospitality. For more than 40 years, we are pleased to welcome you in our family business with the same understanding.



Event & Organization

You wish, we do it..
We are always with you for your most special days. With thirty-two years of experience in the entertainment sector, we combine our knowledge and understanding with your dreams. We offer indoor and outdoor places that respond to all our guests' needs within different capacities.


Kapidag trekking, Yoga camping, Manyas Kus Cenneti Tour, Riding, Outdoor company activities

Event & Organization

We are hosting you with different concept places for your most special days and all your other organizations.

Closed Places

Bandırma 16 km, Erdek 18 km, Avşa-Marmara ferry 18 km, Bursa 117 km, Istanbul 250 km


Serving all day at our indoor and outdoor restaurants

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